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The Canteen


Maker Heights
miles from Ancarva
01752 659069

This is our firm favourite for breakfast, lunch or just coffee and cakes.

The Canteen offers exceptional food for all, yes that right even vegans.  If you have a particular dietary requirement they will usually be able to rustle up something for you which wont disappoint.

It is located on the top of the hill at the maker camp in a very old military hut with amazing views out across Plymouth Sound.

This is a real Gem just don’t tell everyone!

Culinary Delight at Maker Heights: The Canteen Experience

Perched on the historic Maker Heights in Cornwall, The Canteen at Maker Heights is not just a dining establishment; it's a culinary haven that combines breathtaking views with locally sourced, mouthwatering dishes. With its commitment to sustainability and a menu that celebrates Cornwall's diverse flavors, The Canteen offers an unparalleled dining experience. Join us as we explore the charm, culinary creativity, and community spirit that define The Canteen at Maker Heights.

Location with a View:

Nestled atop Maker Heights, The Canteen boasts panoramic views of the picturesque Rame Peninsula and the sparkling waters of Plymouth Sound. Whether you choose to dine inside the cozy restaurant or opt for an outdoor table, every seat provides a front-row view of the stunning surroundings. The combination of exceptional cuisine and this natural spectacle creates an atmosphere that is both inviting and awe-inspiring.

Sustainable and Local Fare:

What sets The Canteen apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability and supporting local producers. The menu is a testament to Cornwall's rich culinary offerings, featuring fresh seafood, locally reared meats, and seasonal vegetables. The chefs at The Canteen take pride in crafting dishes that not only tantalize the taste buds but also showcase the region's diverse and bountiful produce.

Creative Culinary Flair:

The Canteen's menu is a delightful journey through Cornwall's culinary landscape, featuring a creative blend of traditional favorites and innovative creations. From seafood platters showcasing the day's catch to vegetarian delights bursting with flavor, each dish is a testament to the culinary skill and passion of The Canteen's chefs. The carefully curated menu ensures that there's something to satisfy every palate, making it a perfect destination for food enthusiasts and casual diners alike.

Community Hub and Events:

Beyond its role as a restaurant, The Canteen serves as a vibrant community hub, hosting events that bring locals and visitors together. From live music nights to themed culinary events, The Canteen fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration. The communal spirit is reflected in the warm and welcoming staff, who contribute to the overall sense of hospitality that defines the Maker Heights dining experience.

Al Fresco Dining:

One of the highlights of The Canteen is its spacious outdoor terrace, providing the perfect setting for al fresco dining. As you savor your meal, the fresh sea breeze and stunning views create an ambiance that heightens the dining experience. Whether it's a leisurely lunch, a romantic dinner, or a gathering with friends, The Canteen's outdoor dining area adds an extra layer of charm to the overall atmosphere.


The Canteen at Maker Heights is more than just a dining destination; it's a celebration of Cornwall's culinary heritage, a showcase of local flavors, and a community gathering place. Whether you're drawn in by the breathtaking views, the sustainable ethos, or the creative culinary offerings, The Canteen invites you to savor the essence of Maker Heights in every bite—a true feast for the senses.

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