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The Cornish Pod


Gallows Park PL11 3AX
miles from Ancarva

If you like Pastys you won't find any better in the area. The Cornish Pod is located next to the Salty Dog Cafe and the main road to Millbrook.

The Cornish Pod: A Pasty Paradise Nestled in the Heart of Cornwall

Nestled between Lower Tregantle and Millbrook in the picturesque Gallows Park on Hounster Hill, The Cornish Pod stands as a beacon of tradition and culinary excellence. This quaint bakery has become renowned for its commitment to crafting the finest traditional Cornish pasties, earning the reputation of serving arguably the best in Cornwall. As The Cornish Pod celebrates its one-year milestone, let's delve into the rich history of this establishment and explore the fascinating origins of the Cornish pasty.

The Cornish Pod's Beginnings:

The story of The Cornish Pod began several years ago when passionate bakers with a deep love for Cornwall and its culinary heritage decided to establish a bakery that would pay homage to the region's most iconic dish—the Cornish pasty. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Rame Peninsular,the dream was born, Ever since they have been baking delectable pasties for visitors and locals alike.

Traditional Handmade Excellence:

At the heart of The Cornish Pod's success lies its commitment to traditional craftsmanship. Each pasty is meticulously handmade using time-honored recipes and the finest locally sourced ingredients. From the flaky, golden pastry to the succulent fillings, every element is a testament to the dedication of the skilled bakers at The Cornish Pod.

The Best in Cornwall:

While claims of having the "best" pasties might be subjective, The Cornish Pod has garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional offerings. Locals and visitors alike sing praises of the bakery's commitment to quality, flavor, and authenticity. The Cornish Pod has become a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic Cornish pasty experience.

History of the Cornish Pasty:

The Cornish pasty has a rich and storied history dating back centuries. Originating from the mining communities of Cornwall, this portable and hearty meal was a practical solution for miners who needed a convenient and nourishing lunch. The distinctive D-shape and crimped edge served a functional purpose, allowing miners to hold the pasty with dirty hands and discard the crimped crust, thus avoiding potential contamination.

Over the years, the Cornish pasty has evolved into a beloved symbol of Cornwall's culinary identity. Protected as a geographical indication in 2011, the Cornish pasty must adhere to specific criteria to bear the prestigious label, ensuring that it remains an authentic representation of the region's culinary heritage.


As The Cornish Pod celebrates its one-year anniversary, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the Cornish pasty and the rich culinary traditions of Cornwall. With its dedication to quality, tradition, and the art of handmade pasties, The Cornish Pod has become a cherished destination for food enthusiasts seeking an authentic taste of Cornwall. Here's to many more years of delicious pasties and the continued success of The Cornish Pod in delighting taste buds and preserving the legacy of the iconic Cornish pasty.

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